How to Maximize Your Cavi-Lipo Results

Hi, West Hills Cavi-Lipo Center clients!

We are excited you decided to take the journey to discovering a thinner you with Cavi-Lipo. Our experienced Cavi-Lipo specialists are full of advice that you really need to follow to maximize your results! Trust us, it doesn’t require anywhere near as much after-care as traditional, invasive liposuction does (you’ll thank us later).

Don’t forget these 3 key tips:

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! It’s so good for your body anyway, but is especially important to help your lymphatic system eliminate the waste from the fat cells post-Cavi.

Pretend you’re a celeb and wear a compression garment. – don’t skimp on getting your hours of wear in over the few days following your treatment!

Massage away! At least 10 minutes a day on the area where you’ve had Cavi-Lipo will help to improve your results. Don’t forget about activating your lymphs too, to help the process!

We can’t wait to see you again, gorgeous! If you’re ready to book your next appointment, please call: 631.935.4002.