The results from the Cavi Lipo have given me new confidence in my workout attire.

Just want to tell you how pleased I am with the Cavi Lipo that you have done. I am in the fitness industry and menopause has not been good to me. The results from the Cavi Lipo have given me new confidence in my workout attire.. very subtle.. people tell me I look like I’ve lost weight. Best of all, my butterfly winged arms are in much better shape and not hanging and dangling anymore. A great procedure and a great technician! Thanks again



This is so worth the money.

Absolutely awesome! I was a bit skeptical when I heard about Cavi-Lipo, but meeting with Donna put my mind at ease. She is extremely knowledgeable about the way the treatment works, and she explained it to me thoroughly. Her office is very professional, clean and comfortable. The best part, it actually works in a short period of time. I’m seeing great results in areas that I thought would never go away. But, I look better and have diminished cellulite. What could be better than that! This is so worth the money.



The commute to West Hills Cavi Lipo Center is well worth the time

After hearing about Cavi lipo and researching the excellent results people were having with fat loss, I looked to find locations in NYC which would provide this service. I found 2 locations, neither of which I felt comfortable with. Friends encouraged me to try other fat reduction procedures, but my extensive research found that cavi lipo was the only device which gave permanent results without any pain or damage to the skin. I am an attorney and researching is my area of expertise.I finally found West Hills Cavi-Lipo Center in Huntington,NY which was about an hour drive from NYC. Donna Meschko is the owner/Director and it was her understanding of Cavi lipo and her years of experience which convinced me that she was the person I wanted handling this procedure. She is personable but also no-nonsense in that she does not want you to waste your time if you do not feel you can adhere to the rather simple directions, such as drinking a liter of water on the day of the session and eating simply for a few days following the session etc. She wanted results and she knew how to get them but she required your partnering with her to help facilitate an optimal outcome.Although I am not heavy, I have been unable to lose the excess stomach fat after having 2 children. This was my target area. Although it was suggested that 2 sessions a week would be optimal for a few weeks, I found that after one session, the stomach was more firm and inches were no longer there. I was so impressed that I could not wait to return for a follow up.
The procedure is gentle and relaxing and feels like a warm, stomach massage and afterwards, Donna follows this with a lymphatic drainage massage (not offered by other facilities). The room was tranquil, quiet music, candles, and warmed table. The commute to West Hills Cavi Lipo Center is well worth the time because I obtained the results I was looking for and I enjoyed working with Donna who is passionate about her work. Her approach is holistic and she is generous in sharing her knowledge of nutrition and other holistic approaches to produce the best results for her clients body. Judging from her appearance, Donna practices her own advice and she appears at least 20 years younger than her years, and she glows with health, vitality and optimism.



The whole experience has been wonderful.

I started going to West Hills Cavi Lipo after purchasing a Groupon package. I was skepitcal but I have seen results. Meredith has been my technician and she is wonderful and very knowledgeable. Meredith explained the step by step procedure, process and even the aftercare instructions. The whole experience has been wonderful and I have since purchased an additional package. If your looking for a non invasive solution to problem areas, I recommend giving Cavi Lipo a try and highly recommend Meredith at West Hills Cavi Lipo Center.

-Lydia D.


I am so glad I tried Cavi- Lipo! It’s awesome, non invasive and definitely works! Highly recommend!

I was so excited when I learned about Cavi -Lipo, I wanted to try it right away. I experienced (or shall I say endured) other treatments in the past for fat and cellulite, and let me tell you, they were very painful, so I was a bit apprehensive going in.
As it turned out, I had nothing to worry about, the treatment was very comfortable. The skilled therapist explained what she was doing each step of the way. The treatment felt like a warm stone massage. Inviting private treatment room, New Age music, heated table and aroma therapy. The experience made it nice but it was the results that REALLY made me happy!
With each session my trouble areas are whittling down and I couldn’t be happier. I am so glad I tried Cavi- Lipo! It’s awesome, non invasive and definitely works! Highly recommend!

– Joanne D.


This stuff works!

When I first saw Cavi lipo I was very skeptical, as I usually am. When searching for a place, most places just told me I had to come in and they would explain things to me. Not being a fan of sketchy business practice I was ready to give up and the last person I called was Donna. Donna spent 20 minutes on the phone with me answering questions and concerns that I had. She was knowledgeable, empathetic and friendly. I started with a package of 3 treatments for my arms and after seeing some good results I decided to buy another package. This stuff works! I’m now confident to wear a tank top in the summer. Now I’m working on the abs which is proving to be great and I am losing inches! This is a relaxing, great, healthy way to shed that stubborn fat. Donna is great too. She will help you with food choices to maximiZe your results! Do it!!

-Melissa B.


I’m amazed with the results

I heard from my hair stylist at Erika Cole salon of a new treatment called Cavi lipo. It reduces inches with no downtime or side effects, and it’s even FDA approved. I tried it and immediately saw results, and the after cavi protocol was very realistic and easy to follow. I had the procedure done on my abdomen getting 2 treatments a week for a total of 3 weeks and I’m amazed with the results because I was skeptical at first. I’m going to continue with another body part and I highly recommend giving it a shot.

– Courtney G.


Far exceeded my expectations!

I have been seeing Donna for Cavi in Huntington for weeks now. Her work has done the trick and I’ve seen a slimmer me in the mirror which is fantastic. Beyond the work, the location is fantastic, easy to find, parking, etc. The studio is spotless and comfortable. Donna makes you totally at ease in a space that boasts dim lighting and calming background music. Donna is a wonderful person who not only did the work, but took interest in my life and my goals. She provided insight and gave advise based on personal experience and knowledge. As an individual and as a business, I couldn’t not have imagined a better experience. Donna far exceeded my expectations and I recommend her and West Hills to anyone, especially anyone new to this. Donna will make you truly feel cared for, because she truly does care!

– Nancy G.


I think it’s good that we share the information because they deserve to be recognized.

I did 3 sessions so far. I do plan on doing more cavi lipo does work. You must do your part as well. I had a day with Roe and 2 with Donna. They are both excellent It’s not everyday that you find a good business that is clean, the workers are clean you see that they actually care about the job and they care about you and having you back which i think plays a big part, for the money you spending you want to have the best service. I don’t usually write reviews but when you come across reputable businesses I think it’s good that we share the information because they deserve to be recognized.



What an incredible experience!!!

Let me start off by saying that Donna, the owner, is the most compassionate, warm, dedicated woman around. She truly cares about each of her patients. She’s extremely smart and is very educated in all aspects of cavi lipo and massage therapy. It is a very relaxing atmosphere that is clean.
I went for my chin and neck. I’m very into skincare and anti aging. So, I had some concerns about my neck, under my chin and thought what’s a better way to approach this than an invasive procedure?! Cavi-Lipo was the answer for me! After one treatment I saw a difference and after 2 I was very impressed. There is no down time, in fact you leave feeling great! Donna does an incredible lymph drainage massage on the area after the treatment is complete and she teaches how to do this massage at home. I think this goes far and beyond what other places are offering. She tells you everything you need to know, what to expect and even calls you to check on you. Her professionalism and genuine care for people is so clear. I will continue to visit Donna for the treatments as well as use anti aging skincare. I don’t think that people think to use this in conjunction with a good solid skincare regimen but I saw the light! I would also consider having more Cavi-Lipo in other areas of my body.
Amazing alternative to going under the knife! Try it, you’ll love it.

-Nicole J.


Great experience. Relaxing, professional, clean and the best – it works!

Cavi Lipo is a very interesting procedure and an easy way to lose inches. Cavi Lipo reduced my fatty trouble spots – belly, neck and inner thighs. I feel and look better in my clothes. I am super happy with my results and it sure beats the expense of plastic surgery!

-Marty G