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There is only ONE TRUE Cavi-Lipo brand and we have it! As ultrasound has gained in popularity there has been an influx of imitation units coming in from overseas. These units do not meet the standards or have proper frequency to actually obtain results.


How does it work?

Cavi-Lipo Ultrasound Cavitation: Latest and newest Technology with a strong track record of success prior to its introduction to the US market. Safe and efficacious, no freezing, no heat, no pain, no downtime… It’s simple science. Bombard the Adipose with enough high frequency ultrasound waves to cause tiny micro bubbles to form within the cell. Eventually those bubbles, which are negative in pressure compared to the outer wall of the cell, will break their way out permanently destroying the cell. Cavi-Lipo with it’s two patented transducer is the only unit that can safely treat the entire body including the neck and face, tightens skin, improves the lymphatic systems and clients overall health and wellbeing. Fun, relaxing, permanent and safe! Amazing results after just a few treatments, you can look fantastic within weeks!

What are the Alternatives?

Laser Lipo or Smart Lipo, Zerona: Lasers are ideal for some modalities but to date have shown little ability in the body sculpting arena. Most recently Zerona was the latest and greatest procedure. It made all the TV shows but fell well short of desired results and expectations. The distributor is now in Bankruptcy.

Smart Lipo is very “Invasive”, it goes beneath the skin with a laser pointer to target the adipose. For the pain and discomfort experienced, your money is better spent on real Liposuction.

Look at this article done by the Wall Street Journal

Radio Frequency RF/ Velashape: Older technology Radio Frequency has been around many years and was originally designed to help rebuild collagen in the face. It had limited success with some severe side effects. Unfortunately Radio waves like Microwaves can burn tissue below the skins surface as well as create heat bouncing off metal within the body. Some units use a vacuum system which is uncomfortable and can cause bruising and irritation. Rewards don’t out weigh the risk and pain associated with this technology. Recently being reintroduced as a body sculpting treatment which is completely counter-intuitive to its original purpose of increasing fat and collagen in the body. By their own admission results take 4 to 6 months to see with proper diet and exercise not great if you have a special occasion or vacation planned. Save your money!

Cool-sculpting or Cryolipolysis: A newer technology where by use of a vacuum system that sucks the treatment area into a box where the unit freezes the cells. Quit unusual, the surrounding treatment area can experience freezer burn while the treated area has to be massaged back into the body. Feedback: extremely painful, very limited treatment areas and costly for clients as well as practitioner.
Not for the Squeamish and not a good value.

I-Lipo: Utilizing light diodes this technology has shown the ability to temporarily reduce inches by dehydrating the adipose cells. The drawback is that once the cells rehydrate the inches come right back far from permanent. The system uses several small boxes that attach to a belt then strapped on to the client. Limited treat areas, only dehydrates the cells has no permanent effect at best for quick fix but not for the long haul.