The commute to West Hills Cavi Lipo Center is well worth the time

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The commute to West Hills Cavi Lipo Center is well worth the time

After hearing about Cavi lipo and researching the excellent results people were having with fat loss, I looked to find locations in NYC which would provide this service. I found 2 locations, neither of which I felt comfortable with. Friends encouraged me to try other fat reduction procedures, but my extensive research found that cavi lipo was the only device which gave permanent results without any pain or damage to the skin. I am an attorney and researching is my area of expertise.I finally found West Hills Cavi-Lipo Center in Huntington,NY which was about an hour drive from NYC. Donna Meschko is the owner/Director and it was her understanding of Cavi lipo and her years of experience which convinced me that she was the person I wanted handling this procedure. She is personable but also no-nonsense in that she does not want you to waste your time if you do not feel you can adhere to the rather simple directions, such as drinking a liter of water on the day of the session and eating simply for a few days following the session etc. She wanted results and she knew how to get them but she required your partnering with her to help facilitate an optimal outcome.Although I am not heavy, I have been unable to lose the excess stomach fat after having 2 children. This was my target area. Although it was suggested that 2 sessions a week would be optimal for a few weeks, I found that after one session, the stomach was more firm and inches were no longer there. I was so impressed that I could not wait to return for a follow up.
The procedure is gentle and relaxing and feels like a warm, stomach massage and afterwards, Donna follows this with a lymphatic drainage massage (not offered by other facilities). The room was tranquil, quiet music, candles, and warmed table. The commute to West Hills Cavi Lipo Center is well worth the time because I obtained the results I was looking for and I enjoyed working with Donna who is passionate about her work. Her approach is holistic and she is generous in sharing her knowledge of nutrition and other holistic approaches to produce the best results for her clients body. Judging from her appearance, Donna practices her own advice and she appears at least 20 years younger than her years, and she glows with health, vitality and optimism.