Guide him to the Valentine’s Day gift you really want . . .


We all know that Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays where men feel obligated to buy us a gift to express their love – like we don’t receive their love every day. We also know that men often struggle to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift . . . the one that you can post a picture of on Instagram or Facebook to show all your friends how sweet your partner is. But really, who wants overpriced long stemmed red roses because the florist is pushing them on you with every other ad and email that you see? And chocolate – helllloooo not so flattering to our figures and certainly not any assistance to helping us keep with our New Year’s resolutions (remember those?)!

We have a better plan. Drop a hint to your partner that a West Hills Cavi-Lipo gift certificate would be something you’d really love. What’s better? Reducing cellulite and looking thinner or receiving a box of candy that certainly diminish your progress towards a thinner you? I think we all know the answer to that!

Send your honey our way and we will make it simple for him to make you the happiest lady on Valentine’s Day! Call us at 631.935.4002 or email [email protected] for gift certificates and more info.