“Not a review – more of a thank you”

Here’s something we received via email and wanted to share. Has West Hills Cavi-Lipo helped you change your outlook? Join the discussion here.

This is more of a thank-you than a review. Thank you for being you and always being there for me, Donna . . . I have been struggling with trying to pinpoint a whole bunch of troubling symptoms of health issues for a few years now, including gaining weight when trying really hard to lose it. I was excited to try Cavi-Lipo but didn’t really expect results. Not only did I get results, Cavi has probably been the only thing that has kept my stomach from becoming the size of a beach ball since not much else has worked. But you know what really helps the most? It’s your inspiration and the concern you show for me every time I walk through the door. No matter how frustrated I have been, you have had an idea . . . ideas about exercise and perhaps another area that I could look into to try to solve my health issues, all while working on my stubborn fatty areas. You’ve encouraged me to keep at it and know that my body is always a work in progress. I don’t think that there is another person doing Cavi-Lipo services that could possibly provide the same level of “service” that you do – if you even want to call it that because it’s so much more to me. I expected a transactional experience, and instead I have found myself fortunate enough to get thinner, feel more positive, and learn more about my body and how to take care of myself than I ever could have expected. That’s all thanks to you being the person that you are.

FYI – To anyone who reads this and questions if it’s legit, I am a real person and told Donna she could publish this on her website. I have been seeing Donna weekly for months now to address a flabby tummy, love handles, and thighs that didn’t get any thinner no matter what the diet or exercise routine I tried over the past few years. Gave Cavi-Lipo a try and my pants fit better, my stomach is flatter and now I am moving on to other parts of my body that are stubborn and need work. I know firsthand what it’s like to feel frustrated with trying to lose weight in the worst areas of your body L Couple that with medical issues and uncontrollable weigh gain and it could feel hopeless. I think my results are based on the Cavi, but coupled with Donna’s advice on what I can do to exercise (no cardio per the doctor) and tweaks to my diet and lifestyle that have made me take a full look at my body – inside and outside – to try to make changes.