Should I get Cavi-Lipo or Laser Lipo?

Since we know many of our readers are always curious about treatments to make themselves look even more beautiful and fit, we thought we’d take a look at Cavi-Lipo and Laser Lipo, both of which are body contouring procedures, but they have very different processes (in case you missed our Cavi-Lipo vs. liposuction blog post, you can check it out here).

  Cavi-Lipo Laser Lipo
Fancy Term for the process: Ultrasound cavitation Micro-laser technology
Treatment length? Under an hour – including a lymphatic massage to assist with drainage Several hours – account for anesthesia, the procedure itself, and recovery time
Anesthesia? No Yes
Invasive? No – the Cavi-Lipo machine is used on the outside of your body Yes – small incisions are made, but shouldn’t leave scars
What happens during the treatment? The Cavi-Lipo machine is run across the targeted area and uses ultrasound waves to zap your fat cells, liquefying the fat and destroying the fat cell. The liquefied fat is removed via the lymphatic system and ultimately exits your body when you urinate. A tube with a laser is it is inserted under your skin and in between the layers of fat. The laser liquefies the fat, which is suctioned out of the tube.
What happens after my treatment? There’s no down time – you can go right back to work or go about the rest of your day. Someone will need to pick you up since you may be a little woozy from the pain meds.
What pain will I have? None. You could have some reddening of the skin, worst case scenario You may have bruising, swelling and be sore.
When will I see results? You should notice a difference immediately, but it may take 48 hours to really say wow! You will have loose skin where fat has been removed, but your skin will return to “nearly” the stage it was at before you had the procedure. More results will come in 6-8 weeks as your skin gets tighter.
Is it expensive? Depending on the area that you are working on, the number of treatments required can vary. Even 7-10 Cavi treatments generally cost less than most body contouring procedures. You should probably only need one treatment but it’s going to be pricey . . . plastic surgeon pricey, perhaps.

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