Why should I get Cavi-Lipo instead of liposuction?

We know you’re wondering, so we figured we should address the elephant in the room for our new and potential clients. You’ve heard stories about the expense and recovery time of liposuction and plastic surgery, and now you’ve seen “lipo” in our treatment name and you’re curious how an “alternative” to liposuction is actually any different.

Perhaps the biggest difference between Cavi-Lipo and liposuction are that the two procedures are like night and day. Read on to see the differences between Cavi-Lipo and liposuction.

Cavi-Lipo uses high frequency ultrasound for a process called “ultrasound cavitation.” Cavi-Lipo basically zaps Adipose fat with ultrasound waves, which makes little bubbles form within the cell. The bubbles eventually break their way out of the cell wall, resulting in the permanent destruction of the cell. That’s the science behind Cavi-Lipo. That means liquefied fat (hello bacon grease!) finds its way through your bloodstream into your lymphatic system and then is removed from your system. How does the removal happen? Well it’s easy – you just pee it out. That may sound gross, but it’s certainly less cumbersome than fat removal via liposuction.

Did you know that liposuction is sometimes called “liposculpture suction lipectomy?” What’s that mean in plain English? It’s called “suction-assisted fat removal.” Eek. What does that mean? Well, your plastic surgeon will usually insert a type of tube through an incision made to your skin which is in turn attached to a vacuum device. That device is moved around under your skin to break up the fat and suck the fat out of your body. Dyson to the rescue?

So, with liposuction, you have a surgical process that involves anesthesia and post-surgery pain, bruising, swelling and recovery time (up to 48 hours to 2 weeks). Then there’s Cavi-Lipo, which involves a machine that is rubbed on the outside of your skin with no pain, bruising or recovery time required. Have you ever had an ultrasound done at the doctor’s office? Well that’s how Cavi-Lipo feels. There is no downtime, and your only time commitment is to visit us weekly for the length of your treatment package. We’ll have you in and out the door in about an hour, and you’ll relax in our spa-like environment with relaxing music and lighting. West Hills Cavi-Lipo treatments include a lymphatic massage to encourage your system to start moving out the liquefied fat, and you reap the benefits of a little massage before your treatment is over. Doesn’t sound so bad, right? On your treatment day and over the next few days, you drink lots of water to flush your system out, and you can do that while going about your daily schedule – no missed work days!

Want to check it out? Call us and we will show you the machine and walk you through the process. You can also see actual Cavi-Lipo client Before & After photos on our website.