How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Oh my goodness, 2016 is right around the corner . . . that means it’s time for New Year’s resolutions! Keeping that resolution is far more difficult than making it, particularly when it comes to your health!


Don’t worry, we have been compiling our own kind of countdown list . . . the top 10 ways to keep your New Year’s resolution!

10. Start off the year by eating healthy. Here’s 100 tips from Cooking Light to get you started on your quest to healthy eating.

9. Get your brain focused. This article from helps you think through making a New Year’s resolution that you can actually keep. Here’s a hint – just make one. Need more info? The American Psychological Association has some tips too.

8. Drink more . . . water! If you’re one of our Cavi-Lipo clients, you know that we tell you all about why you need to drink more water. If not, WebMD has plenty of reasons to motivate you. If you still don’t want to drink water, check out this post about how drinking water makes you smarter.

7. Let your phone nag you. This 2014 article from TIME has a list of apps you can put on your iPhone that’ll help you adjust your outlook and keep you focused on your New Year’s resolution. PCMag put together a great list of apps, including one that will help you reach your goal of drinking more water! (See #8 on our list of tips)

6. Use a worksheet. Should you feel the need to map out how you’ll keep your resolution, try a worksheet like this one on

5. Set a goal with a friend. The benefits of working out with a friend to help keep each other motivated and accountable are well-known. Everyday Health looks at the benefits of group exercise in this article. has an article about how friends help you stay motivated.

4. Try a new workout. Getting bored with the same routine won’t help you stay motivated to keep your New Year’s resolution to get thinner and get fit. Elle Canada has some advice on new workouts to try in 2016. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be located up north to try these ideas out.

3. Recognize that change doesn’t happen overnight. Our Cavi-Lipo clients usually see results after just a few sessions, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be a lean, mean fighting machine after going to the gym for two days. Don’t get discouraged! If you need some inspiration, here are some great quotes about New Year’s resolutions.

2. Make yourself accountable. This article helps you figure out ways to make yourself accountable to your goal to help you keep it.

1. Don’t be scared to add Cavi-Lipo into your life. You knew that was coming, right? The benefits of Cavi-Lipo make it a great alternative to lipo-suction and it is the perfect pairing with a healthy diet and exercise to sculpt your body for a thinner you. Sometimes those trouble areas can be difficult to target through only exercising or dieting. Let us help you achieve the results you want!